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Compassionate and effective!
Compassionate and effective! I knew that once I had driven away and hurt everyone that I loved, that I had hit rock bottom and was as unhappy and wretched as I felt. I had almost lost hope with all the programs that I had tried and failed. Only a certain rehab center Long Island worked - they gave me hope, helped me comprehend substance abuse, and taught me methods to get sober and stay that way. I would most certainly still be on the streets, on my own, and miserable without help from them. Now, thanks to their assistance, I've got my loved ones back, a great job, and the support and encouragement I need to stay sober and healthy.
, Long Island Apr 27, 2012

Outstanding care!
Outstanding care! I’m incredibly thankful for the rehab center in Long Island! Without their rehabilitation program I might never have been capable of getting my family back, I couldn't ever have been capable of getting a great job, and I probably wouldn’t be alive. I highly suggest their detoxification and rehabilitation services if you want to change!
, Long Island Jun 4, 2012

Incredibly amazing!
Incredibly amazing! In Long Island, rehab facilities and houses were all gorgeous, and helped make my rehab experience effective and successful. I am clean because of them!
, Long Island Sep 14, 2012

The absolute best rehabilitation program!
The absolute best rehabilitation program! When I first started my rehabilitation program, I really didn’t want to open up in group or one-on-one therapy. I I didn't ever believe that anybody could understand me or my problems with dependency, and I didn’t believe that rehab would actually work for me anyway. Listening to my housemates and other addicts in group, I began to realize that we had suffered through similar things. Soon I began to participate, open up, and get stronger and healthier. I honestly believe that they are the only reason I’m alive today!
, Long Island Apr 13, 2012

Finally successful!
Finally successful! This wasn’t my first attempts at treatment, but it's the first one that stuck. At Long Island, many rehab centers have that ideal rehabilitation program, and if you work for it you'll get clean!
, Long Island Feb 17, 2012

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