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Not only is substance addiction a frightening and life-threatening illness, but it never makes the addict a healthier or happier person. Substance addiction is a very complicated illness, one that is caused by a mixture of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. This makes treatment for dependency even more complicated, so it’s crucial for clients to receive treatment from skilled experts who utilize scientifically-proven, fact-based methods. Rehab is often made more complicated because although there are lots of people suffering from addiction who want and require assistance, they don’t have any idea where to turn. In order to help people take back their life from the death-grip of substance dependency, all of Rehab Treatment Program Long Island offer safe, scientifically proven strategies for their clients.


What’s Substance Dependency?

A few people still mistakenly believe that substance addiction is a character defect or weakness, but doctors and therapists regard it as a psychological disorder. Today, psychological and medical doctors believe drug abuse is a long-term sickness, referring to drug addiction as substance abuse disorder since that term it encompasses drugs and alcohol. Like other life-long diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension, an individual can never be ‘cured’ of drug addiction, but they can learn to managed it so that it doesn’t impact their life. People that are afflicted by substance abuse disorders must enlist help from professionals to become healthy, just like diabetics have to learn from their physician the way to watch their insulin. To help their clients overcome substance abuse correctly and successfully, many Rehabilitation Treatment Centers Long Island employ professional, certified dependency recovery personnel.


Substance Abuse Recovery Team

Recovery cannot be done all alone, and it takes a lot of professionals to support addicts throughout the recovery process. Addiction recovery specialists make up a recovery team that helps addicts navigate their way towards sobriety. Regularly addicts in recovery themselves, licensed addiction treatment counselors are specially educated people who help addicts beat substance dependency. Social workers, therapists, medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists are some of the other professionals generally part of a recovery team. This team of professionals is responsible for numerous aspects of recovery, including assessment, medical care, therapy, education, life skills coaching, drug and alcohol testing, relapse prevention training, orientation into self-help and support meetings, treatment of psychological problems and emotional issues, family education and counseling, and follow-up care.


What Kinds of Rehabilitation Are Available?

Inpatient care provides a remote, restrictive setting for addicts to detox or receive care, and typically occurs in a hospital or health facility. For people that want to withdraw properly and swiftly from harmful substances, several Detox Center Service Long Island offers detoxification services, but strongly encourages clients to locate rehab or care afterwards. Outpatient care allows for people to stay at home, commuting every day to a rehabilitation location. Majority of Treatment Program Centers Long Island provide residential treatment, which is a perfect combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment. Clients live in upscale, residential properties, and travel to rehabilitation and daily support meetings. Real-life experiences, such as going to the gym, movies, and buying groceries help clients re-learn the way to be responsible and healthy citizens of society.


Let Treatment Programs Help

Dependency might seem like the only alternative, but with the assistance of professionals, and the encouragement of friends and family members, anyone can manage substance dependency. Long Island’s multiple rehab centers and treatment programs offer programs for all types of drug abuse and  help those who have additional mental or emotional problems as well. Contact one of the leading Treatment Centers Services Long Island to talk with a recovery professional regarding rehab center locations, details about substance abuse in general, or for informative suggestions. Call today!